Automotive: 3 Rogan Street, Canberra Airport ACT, 2609 | Marine: 40 Townsville Street, Fyshwick ACT, 2609

Tez Automotive & Marine Services

Tez Automotive & Marine Services

 Here at Tez Automotive & Marine Service we offer a wide range of services for all your Automotive & Marine needs in Canberra ACT. We have been providing honest reliable services to our customers for 20 years.

  • Batteries & Auto Electrical

    Batteries & Auto Electrical

    Batteries & Auto Electrical Services Canberra We have a complete range of batteries to suit all automotive, marine, off road,…

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  • Computer  Diagnostics

    Computer Diagnostics

    We have the latest computer diagnostic equipment available. This allows us to quickly and reliably diagnose any faults your vehicle…

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  • Safety  Inspections

    Safety Inspections

    Safety inspections revolve around the items on your vehicle that must be maintained within the original manufacturer’s specifications that ensure…

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  • Major Overhauls

    Major Overhauls

    At Tez Automotive & marine we also do specialist work for customers who decide it’s time to give the pride…

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  • Marine Service

    Marine Service

    At Tez Automotive & Marine we have been servicing and repairing trailer mounted watercraft for over 15 years. We have…

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  • Brake System  Servicing

    Brake System Servicing

    Our technicians have the skilled knowledge to carry out all types of service and repairs to your brakes from basic…

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  • Log Book Service

    Log Book Service

    We are and have been for many years an alternative to the original equipment dealers when it comes to log…

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  • Exhaust System Servicing

    Exhaust System Servicing

    Your exhaust system is an important part of ensuring your vehicle is safe and running efficiently. We can service, repair…

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  • Steering and  Suspensions

    Steering and Suspensions

    Steering & suspension is a critical system of every vehicle, here at Tez Automotive & Marine we ensure all inspection,…

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